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10 New Jobs Posted Everyday
Our company have professionals joined from various institutions and still working in them which makes it easier for us to get workmen requirement from various sources leading to higher count of jobs for our clients.
More Than 40 Candidates Placed Every Month
We don’t fake by giving large numbers but We have a record of getting more than 40 students and experienced professional with a genuine career every month
Jobs For Both Skilled And Unskilled Professionals
We take care of each of our candidates with some or the other career option with our hands in big MNCs giving work for all levels of jobs.

About Us

We are top rated Manpower provider company and placement agency which is involved in providing Work person for both Technical and Non Technical services for ITES and BPO industry. Our management includes qualified professionals who enhance the working capability of the current knowledge base with our consulting. With years of training and experience in working with various institutions in India, we have versed with the right kind of knowledge about getting candidates involved in an institution.

The mix of Skill, Competitiveness, knowledge and experience, we provide all the necessary ingredients to get the candidate placed in the company. We make sure to understand the needs of the student and serve the best company for them to approach and start their journey with.

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Creating impact
with our Consulting service

We are making the name in the industry with our strengths in providing services with well equipped facilities for instantaneous communication with our clients to match their requirements. Secondly we focus on carrying a large database of information for the professionals from various domains. We carry a responsible staff who worry about the clients’ placements in industries within the requisite time.
Find a Job –
Find a Job –
We take care in providing placements for the candidates who are planning to start their career into Banking, IT and BPO services with college level of expertise. We being the intermediate link between the employer and the candidates, provide a suitable career for a vacancy with our client in a wide range of industries and high end firms.
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Continue in field of
Service – Experienced
Continue in field of Service – Experienced
We have been developing careers base for experienced professional who have worked in companies earlier and aspiring to switch to other company or continue with a better package. We have evolved as a trusted recruitment partner for both recruiter and candidates in providing the highest caliber professional career.
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Restart your career –
Starting after break
Restart your career –
Starting after break
We have been helping the dropouts or the housewives too who have been working or even freshers after the college and after a break planning to start their career. Through years of experience in the job, we have been providing hassle free recruitment and perfect jobs for all making a reliable career.
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Benefits of getting counseled by us -

Clarity on career counseling
The competition on the colleges and universities has been evolving since a long time. Now it has started to confuse the students and their parents to what to choose and what not, even after getting into a college or university, the candidate goes through a trauma of choosing the company to join and where are they perfectly fitting. We as a career consultant can help in making a clear career path for you.
Choosing the right career
Through this we can help the candidate to opt for the right career path through our experts working in the respective field and explain the path for every type of career stream. The experts can handle with the right kind of tools and tests to determine the details of the working.
Course of the Career
This is for those who have already been working in an institution and still are doubtful about the career path, we can help by giving the right advice of which company and profile suits best for the candidate to focus upon.

What our candidates say about us

Our award winning consultants

We have been working with many institutions and as per their requests, we have been supplying them the manpower as per requirements. Since we have been so keen in the work, we have been appreciated with the best consultants in the job by many reputed IT giants across the NCR region. The quality of work we are known are due to the pre placement drill we give to the candidate for a better input in the company, these include giving the candidate with the expertise in enhancing their Communication, Grace Management, Social Etiquette, Appearance, Work Ethics, Personal effectiveness.

Careers we are mostly known for

  • BPO Companies

    The Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge process outsourcing are fastest growing industry dealing with Data entry, medical transcription, FMCG, R&D, Content Management, etc. We have been providing placement options for all Initiating, Mid Level, High Level of professionals to get work. We have been providing work in assisting Foreign/Domestic clients in implementing complete business solutions.

  • IT Companies

    Another huge industry with maximum number of employees and even higher requirements working on IT Consulting, Website and App Development, R&D, Data Science, Networking and many more. We provide a defined and a stable career for candidates with knowledge in java, C, C++, JavaScript and other popular ones. The careers are immense like a Software Developer, Software Architect, Product and Project Manager etc.

  • Banking

    This is a field of high potential of development in the career with so many vacancies as the number of outlets increase in the field. The industry has an easy 9 to 5 job with easier work load. We build you a career in various banking sectors like Commercial Banking, Co-operative banking, Investment banking and any specialized banks too. Our allies in various banks are available at Private sector, Public sector and Regional Banks.






Happy Candidates

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